The Harrisburg Choral Society concert attire is an all-black outfit with the design to be uniform without constraining to a specific uniform dress.

Here are some policy notes:

  • Must be all black. Fabric can be solid, tone-on-tone, jacquard, or textured. Sparkliness should be subtle. Fabric must be of a "dressy" type. Black denim, or washed out black cotton, for example, would not be acceptable. No prints, white or color trim.
  • Must have a modest neckline.
  • Must be ankle/full length.
  • Must have sleeves. Below the elbow is preferred. Can be shorter, but needs to be at least the length of the HCS dress sleeves.
  • No backless, sleeveless, strapless, off the shoulder, crop tops, deep slits, low cut, sequins, bouffant, large ruffles, skin tight, cutouts.
  • Can be a dress, matching/coordinating top and skirt, or matching/coordinating top and pants. No T-shirts. Pants cannot be black jeans, leggings, yoga pants, sweats.
  • Hosiery must be worn and should be black or dark neutral color.
  • Men may wear a black suit, or black long sleeve dress shirt and black dress pants, with or without a black tie.
  • Shoes must be black and of a dressy nature. Pumps, ballets, slip-ons, oxfords. etc. Obvious casuals such as flip flops or black hiking boots are not acceptable.
  • Earrings should be limited to small, simple studs of black, silver, gold, clear stone, or pearl. No necklaces, bracelets, or watches. Simple rings such as engagement/wedding rings or signet rings can be worn on stage. Medically-necessary bracelets or other may of course be worn.

The goal is to remain “uniform” while dressing individually. We want the audience to remark on our singing, not our fashions.

Follow this link to view a PDF with an illustrated guide to our concert attire requirements.